Medical Alert Systems

Medical Alert Systems To Stay Safe For Aging Baby Boomers


Medical Alert Systems


‘Aging is an extraordinary process where you become the person you always should have been’. But, with aging comes certain risks as gifts. Even, if you do not have any medical conditions, bones become brittle with age. So, there is always the risk of falling. But, it is not always possible for all aged individuals like you to have a caretaker by their side.

Staying at home alone is risky:

Generally, most adults with an aged individual in home are concerned about their safety. Are you worried that you cannot employ a caretaker just because they cannot afford? You have the excellent option to protect yourself at old age. Yes, you can choose different medical alert systems.

Medical Alert Systems

What are medical alert systems?

These are mobile alert systems mainly designed for elderly people understanding their security as the top priority. The most valued seniors like you can stay relaxed with such a system in place. This system is otherwise referred to as personal emergency response system. It is actually an alarm system that goes off when you press the transmitter button. You can just press the button when you are in a hazardous or medical emergency situation. This system will help you remain absolutely safe and will reassure your complete support as when you need such a support.

How does this system work?

Here is the kicker: this mobile alert buddy encompasses three parts and they are:

  1. The console unit: This is either a mains or battery-powered unit in the size of a telephone. This unit is generally connected to your phone line. As this device relies on wireless signals for activation, you should get the same installed in the room, where you spend most of your times when you are alone at home.
  2. The panic button: This button is otherwise referred to as emergency or help button. It constitutes a button that can be pressed. The button is generally attached to a necklace button or to a bracelet wristband. The button can also be attached to your belt using a clip that you will get along with the system. When you press the button in the case of any medical emergency, it will send out a wireless signal to the base console. This, in turn, will trigger a distress call to the center for monitoring
  3. The monitoring center: it is a clock monitoring center with professionals, who are trained to help elderly people in medical emergencies.

Medical Alert Syatems

The importance of the system for aged individuals:

If you are concerned about your safety due to your age, you should understand the importance of investing on getting a medical alert system:

Round-the-clock monitoring:

Most of the personal emergency response system service providers have round-the-clock monitoring capabilities in place. This means that not just you, but your family members concerned about your safety will feel better. You can stay alone with complete peace of mind and so your loved ones.

Immediate medical help in the case of falls:

More than 80% of elderly people fall in bathrooms, which is the part of the home that is commonly prone to wet floors. Falls mostly happen when seniors try to step in or step out of the shower. In addition, it also happens when they suddenly faint or feel weak during bathing. In most instances, elderly individuals cannot get up on their own to reach the phone to make a call for help. On the other hand, with an emergency alert buddy in their wrist or neck, they can just immediately press the button even before they faint or after recovering from sudden faint. When delays are avoided in medicine, saving of lives becomes easier for physicians. To get medical help at right time, it is important to have such a system in place.

Medical Alert Systems





Maintain independence:

It is not that seniors cannot get the privacy that they look for at instances. With a monitoring system in place, their family members need not worry about leaving the elderly person alone. If you are aging and do not want to live with your children, you can very well stay alone when you have such a monitoring system handy. Even, your children will feel hassle free when they have no other choice other than leaving you alone.

Put your mind in ease:

Most elders wish to lead a stress-free life. But, instances like being alone at home can increase their stress levels. If you frequently stay alone at home, but wish to stay free without any nervousness, you can suggest shopping for the medical alert buddy. As you can feel comfortable that you are being monitored, you can stay calm listening to your favorite songs.


By, all means Medical Alert Systems can be an excellent and safety companion for elderly friends. The importance of such a system should be rightly understood.


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